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Media Club

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 Student Green Screen projects for 2015 are in the Photo Album.  Be sure to check them out!


Members of the Media Club will be exposed to different forms of digital and text media. We will explore, through hands on activities, topics such as photography, video, audio, graphic design, and several audio visual presentation programs. Students will learn to be independent learners with guidance and instruction from the club’s advisors and fellow members. The instruction is predominately online with sites that are carefully selected to stimulate student knowledge and creativity in the subject that we are exploring.

The club will meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month and the members will share what they have learned, discuss pending projects and showcase their finished work.

The students will need:

·         Access to a digital camera

·         A flash drive for projects (512 GB - 2GB)

·         Access to a computer at home

The student must:

·         Submit an assigned project each nine weeks

·         Earn at least seven Accelerated Reader points each nine -weeks 

        to maintain membership



Magazine Covers are in the Photo Album

  Great Job! Daniel, Megan, and Kolby