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Anderson, Portia Math
Arnold, Lindy Math
Beck, Sarah Math
Boston, Brandon Asst. Principal
Bowen, Lynne Social Science
Bridges, Hayley Special Education
Caraballo, Julie English Language Arts
Carr, Chris Math
Carter, Rhett Science
Cauley, Jessica Special Education
Clark, Richard Spanish
Collins, Terri Connections
Connell, Nikki Science
Cox, Kellie Math
Culpepper, Amy Science
Daniels, Patti Special Education
Dennis, Dara Social Studies
Dunford, Brooke English Language Arts
Hart, Grady Health and Physical Education and Middle Grades Math
Helms, Ladson Physical Education
Huddleston, Matthew Georgia Studies
Johnson, Michael Special Education
Kimmons, Collin Language Arts
Kirkland, Eddis Media Specialist
Korn, Brent Physical Education
Lovelace, Tracey Georgia Studies
McCoy, Amanda English Language Arts
McKie, Haley Special Education
McKie, Stuart Math
McWilliams, Ezekial Counselor
Medlock, Candace Special Education
Meeks, Ashley Special Education
Montford, Lee Science
Morgan, John Chorus
Nester, Macey Counselor
Parker, Crystal Science
Quigley, Tim Band Leader
Rizzo, Dawn Special Education
Sammons, Lisa English Language Arts
Sanford, Dawn Special Education
Scott, Hope English Language Arts
Seabury, Leslie Special Education
Spivey, Hunter Social Studies
Stanley, Victor Special Education
Thompson, Sabrina Science
Waller, Chrystal 6-8 Gifted Education, 6-8 Reading
Walthour, Ivan Special Education
Wardlaw, Stephanie Business Education
Wolfe, Elizabeth Social Studies