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Top Readers at J.R. Trippe
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Friday, March 14, 2014
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 The Following Students Earned 100 or More AR Points for the 2013-2014 School Year:

Priya Patel 831.3

Lilly Loosberg 425.1

Cameron Yarbrough 265.0

Henry Torres 246.1

Christopher Phillips 171.6

Jordan Nails 163.7

Simone Ellis 137.8

Jha'Deya Rhymes 125.6

Kristion Jones 122.5

Alexis Mann 103.8



The following students earned 25 or more points during the 1st Nine Weeks:

Priya Patel 178.9

Jordan Nails 150.7

Christopher Phillips 54.1

Kristion Jones 50.6

Mahaylee Grace 47.0

Jha’Deya Rhymes 43.5

Glendon Russell 40.0

Falon Blakely 38.7

Simone Ellis 33.8

Sterling Mosley 32.2

Miguel Cruz 29.9

Lilly Loosberg 28.1

Jariyah Williams 26.1

Zavion Ivey 25.2

The following students earned 25 or more points during the 2nd Nine Weeks:

Priya Patel 233.0

Cameron Yarbrough 156.0

Lilly Loosberg 146.8

Henry Torres 81.4

Simone Ellis 57.3

Dylan Bennett 49.0

Kristion Jones 46.2

Sterling Mosley 42.6

Jha’Deya Rhymes 39.0

Jaquavious Tillman 37.5

Falon Blakely 35.2

Alexis Poole 33.3

Landon Lindsey 32.8

Jacqueline Hayes 28.6

Sh’caya Wiggins 26.8

Rosado Hall 26.2

Cynthia Ruiz 26.1

Ky’Lee Fields 25.6

Marilee Cabrol 25.5

The following students earned 25 or more points during the 3rd Nine Weeks:

Priya Patel 222.5

Lilly Loosberg 180.0

Christopher Phillips 65.6

Cameron Yarbrough 65.0

Jha’Deya Rhymes 43.1

Simone Ellis 33.2

Tyler Black 28.0

Henry Torres 27.1

Kristion Jones 25.7

The following students earned 25 or more points during the 4th Nine Weeks:

Priya Patel 196.9

Henry Torres 137.6

Lilly Looseberg 70.2

Logan Reid 59.1

Alexis Mann 58.8

Christopher Phillips 41.1

Kendall Braddy 30.9

Virginia Gourley 28.8

Juventino Martinez 26.1

Cameron Yarbrough 25.2


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