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Vidalia Choirs Receive High Honors in Performance
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Monday, March 19, 2018



            March 14, 2018 Savannah, GA – Vidalia Comprehensive High School’s Show Choir and J. R. Trippe Chorus attended the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) District One Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) on Wednesday, and came home with high honors awarded in performance and sight-reading.

The performance evaluation program sponsored by GMEA is an evaluation procedure of musical performance and sight-reading abilities for individual students, performing groups, and teachers. Performance evaluation participation affords valuable opportunity and motivation for learning during an extended period of time prior to the event as part of regularly-scheduled school work. Recognized authorities in the field of music education critique the participation of each performance and provide their written opinions. Judges’ evaluations are based on a standard rating of excellence in performance and sight-reading, and provide students and educators with comments and suggestions for improvement. Holding to the philosophy that musical performance is the most essential form of learning in our subject area, and that the proper evaluation of these situations is of inestimable value to the individual school and its music education program, preparation for public performances, including LGPE, provides added incentive for the teaching and learning of music in our schools.

The goals of GMEA LGPE participation are: • To promote through evaluation, advice and suggestion, the development of musical knowledge as expressed in performance; • To raise the standards of musicianship, instrumentation, technical knowledge, and literature selection of performers; and • To offer students and teachers the opportunity of extended listening to the best work of peer groups from other schools.

The following ratings are awarded by each of three adjudicators in GMEA performance evaluations: • Superior - Denotes Division I rating. Outstanding performance. Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best. • Excellent - Denotes Division II rating. Unusually good performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects. A performance of distinctive quality. • Good - Denotes Division III rating. A good performance, but not one that is outstanding. Shows accomplishment and marked promise, but lacks one or more essential qualities. • Fair - Denotes Division IV rating. A performance that shows some obvious weaknesses, generally weak and uncertain. • Poor - Denotes Division V rating. A performance which reveals much room for improvement. The students reveal almost a complete lack of preparedness and understanding.

The Vidalia Show Choir received straight Superior (I) ratings from all three judges in their performance of Class C literature, including “The Word Was God” by Rosephanye Powell and “Weep, O Mine Eyes” by John Bennett. Both pieces were performed A Cappella for the judges, who awarded the highest honors. One judge even commented that it was “…honestly the best interpretation and expression I have heard today.” Former Choral Director Sarah Montford helped prepare the choir for performance with expert advice and accompanied the choir on their trip to perform. VCHS’s choir was one of two AA-size schools to send a choir to the event from our GMEA District. The VCHS Choir then received an additional Superior (I) rating on their sight-singing adjudication, having only five minutes to prepare and sing an A Cappella piece they had never seen before.

Members of the choirs who participated in the performance evaluation: Bryanna Beasley, Emma Braddy, Autumn Claxton-Blunt, Cheylyn Cowart, Jamiya Farmer, Faith Futch, Angel Humphrey, Landon Lindsay, Elizabeth Loosberg, Joy McCullough, Landon Miller, Reagan Miller, Shelbi Mortensen, Chastity Oliver, Morgan Osborne, Madison Query, Makenna Rakes, Spencer Ruff, Samantha Stanley, Luke Stinnett, ZyKia Thrower, Lyric Wardlaw, Alexis Ware, Walker Wheeler, Cameron White, and Lydia Yawn.

For the first time in many years, J. R. Trippe Middle School also sent a choir to the LGPE event. The JRTMS Chorus, comprised of seventh and eighth grade students who signed up for the class, prepared all year to sing at the event. The choir, directed by John Morgan and accompanied by Sarah Montford, performed “The Autumn Reel” by Audrey Snyder and “In This Ancient House (Momoshiki Ya)” by Ruth Morris Gray, singing part of the latter piece in Japanese. Because it was their first appearance, Mr. Morgan registered the choir to receive “comments only” instead of a rating. The choir sang very well, and the judges were impressed, with comments consistent with superior and excellent ratings. Students participating in LGPE from JRTMS included: Emma Agustin-Wong, LaLane Angeles, Beasley Makynna, Canyon Beck, Payton Bolin, Jesslyn Collins, Shawn Collins, Trendon Darden, Micah Davis-Brown, Hannah Dean, Allyson Donahue, Mason Galbreath, Ashlynn Goodwin, Autumn Harris, Racheal Hayes, Emily Helms, Zipporah Henry, Theresa Herring, Elaina Hutcheson, Jaquan Johnson, Angelina Kicklighter, Kylei McCoy, Whitney Messex, Onate-Leon Meghan, Amy Palma, Julicia Parker, Riya Patel, Jayla Phillips, Kailie Query, Melissa Ramirez-Rojas, Savannah Sikes, Brantley-Grace Smith, Morgan Strange, MaryLaura Tippett, Anevya Vann, Ja'Via Walton, Allison Whitaker, and Hannah Wood.

Mr. Morgan expresses gratitude to each chorus student for their dedication to musical excellence, saying, “We could not have accomplished this without talented students and a lot of hard work.” Morgan also expressed thanks to the chorus parents, to Sarah Montford (accompanist), to Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox, the Vidalia City Schools Board of Education, VCHS Principal John Sharpe and JRTMS Principal Dr. Sandy Reid.


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