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1st Nine Weeks Topics of Study  

Astronomy: the Earth's movements and seasons, moon phases, eclipses, our solar system, comets, meteors, asteroids, Heliocentric vs. Geocentric, galaxies, the Big Bang Theory


3rd Nine Weeks Topics  

During this part of the year we begin our biggest unit of the year: Geology. It will extend beyond the 3rd 9 weeks in the 4th 9 weeks all the way up to the CRCT. During geology we will talk about minerals, rocks, the Earth's layers, plate tectonics and continental drift, mountain building, volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering and erosion, soil formation, and fossils.

2nd Nine Weeks topics  

During the 2nd Nine Weeks in Earth Science we are discussing the Earth's water. Topics will include the water cycle, groundwater, fresh water, salinity, waves, tides, currents, and ocean floor features.